Industrial Store Manager Software

The scientific management of Storehouse is an essential part of the Organization s operations. The stores management function assumes special significance in Construction Industry where identity of the materials, then handling, proper storage and accuracy in accounting during issue are of paramount importance in the efficient operation of the

Store House.

Identification of all materials stored.

Receipt of incoming materials.

Inspection of all receipts from suppliers.

Storage and Preservation.

Materials Handling.

Issue of materials to users within the organization.

Maintenance of Stock Records.

Stores Accounting.

Inventory control.


Submission of Management Information Reports.

1 Cost Center, Indent , SRV, Issue, Return.

2 Production Materials. (Expendables and Non Expendables).

3 Workshop Machinery.

4 Operating / Miscellaneous supplies for Building Maintenance and Administrative Services.

.5 Tradesmen Tool Kits.

6 Uniforms & Safety Equipment.

7 Office Equipment & Stationery.

8 House Keeping Stores