Industrial Store Manager Software

The scientific management of Storehouse is an essential part of the Organization s operations. The stores management function assumes special significance in Construction Industry where identity of the materials, then handling, proper storage and accuracy in accounting during issue are of paramount importance in the efficient operation of the

Store House.

Identification of all materials stored.

Receipt of incoming materials.

Inspection of all receipts from suppliers.

Storage and Preservation.

Materials Handling.

Issue of materials to users within the organization.

Maintenance of Stock Records.

Stores Accounting.

Inventory control.


Submission of Management Information Reports.

1 Cost Center, Indent , SRV, Issue, Return.

2 Production Materials. (Expendables and Non Expendables).

3 Workshop Machinery.

4 Operating / Miscellaneous supplies for Building Maintenance and Administrative Services.

.5 Tradesmen Tool Kits.

6 Uniforms & Safety Equipment.

7 Office Equipment & Stationery.

8 House Keeping Stores

Softcore Software Pvt. Ltd.

Softcore Software Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging leader in the field of IT Services. Our approach focuses on new ways of business, combining IT innovations and adoption while also leveraging an organization’s currents assets. Our software answer strategic business questions which no one else can, enabling you to control cost, drive revenue, achieve capital efficiency and lead with confidence. We are ready to take unique challenges, ready to deliver quality results, on time, within budget, project after project. We are ready to deliver beyond all expectations and above all we are ready for the future.

SSPL is a global technology organization, focused on serving Education Institutions, Financial Services, Industry, web development & Data/Submission Sectors. We bring a fresh perspective and solve technical problems through innovative solutions.

Education(E-Audit School) Complete

School Management System

e-Audit School enables end-to-end management for the institutions and results in substantial cost savings. It also

helps in analyzing performance of students and staff, enables implementation of quality systems, creates better

working conditions and results in better control for management. Following are its key features Provides Secured

1.Access to data

2.Highly Customizable

3.Interfacing with latest Devices

4.Staff Information Management

5.Comprehensive Reports

6.Efficient Administration Software

7.Modular/Scalable/Secured Application

Financial Account & Inventory

The E-Audit Accounting software from SSPL is a comprehensive Financial system and Inventory Management System. We listen and respond to ever-growing customer needs with a smile – The Mantra to become most acceptable and comprehensive Accounting software solution provider.

Removes mundane clerical activities like maintaining Sales, Purches , Voucher , calculating VAT etc.

Easily Inventory with Production Manage.

E-Audit Accounting is more than just a product. Primarily used for accounting, inventory and statutory compliance, this software solution is capable of meeting your business needs, as-is. In addition, you get full access to the business specific solutions that our partners have built and implemented in many business domains.


E-Commerce Applications from SSPL is a comprehensive web store solution . We listen and respond to ever-growing customer needs with a smile – The Mantra to become most acceptable and comprehensive E-Store solution provider.


The healthcare industry is witnessing rapid changes with the expansion of digitization in both provider and payer segments, and consumerization and cost saving initiatives driving the industry. These changes have forced healthcare organizations to reassess and modernize their current systems as well as develop new business and technology capabilities. 

Our offerings revolve around four key focus areas: Hospital ERP-Manage IPD,OPD, Payroll, Inventory, Blood Bank, Invoicing ,etc. To End User Pharmacy Store also want to digitization for Invoicing and manage financial we are providing best solution also lab portal that provide client login system and view all type of report.

Web & Hosting Services , Designing &


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